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Review Maid To Please!

Maid To Please is a trusted home cleaning service that provides you with our expert residential cleaning service and peace of mind.

Our Reviews:

My husband and I have been customers of Maid to Please for several years. We love how reliable they are. They always do a wonderful job of cleaning our home. My husband and I work long days, and it is so nice to know that we are coming home to a clean house. One of our favorite things about Maid to Please is the fact that most times, the same individuals clean our home. They are always professional and courteous.

We also love that the owner has a non-profit called “Aiding Angels.” The money raised through that organization blesses so many people by providing cleaning services to people who are going through cancer treatment.

Maid to Please is a reliable, stable business with a heart.
H J Parsley

I was a grateful recipient of Aiding Angels.  That is where my journey began with Maid to Please.  Having an organization that helps and supports those who are going through cancer means so much.  Having your house cleaned by these “angels” puts your mind and body to ease so you can rest comfortably.  They did such a great job and I was so impressed that I continued to use them after treatment.  And that was the beginning of our relationship that has lasted over three years.  I highly recommend this organization for the good work they do and what they offer to those in need.

Gaylene Skorohod

Best home cleaning service around! Unlike any of the other cleaning businesses, the girls are actually trained to scrub your house top to bottom and left to right. Probably the only cleaning company around that does that, like 95% sure of that lol..
Stephanie Z.

The best home cleaning service in the area. Great customer service and attention to detail is spot on. Try them out you definitely will not go wrong. Very professional as well as courteous which is necessary when someone is in your personal space. Thanks for taking this industry up a notch!
Lynlee M.

I would highly recommend Maid to Please. I have used this service for over a year now and I am extremely satisfied. Maid to Please employees really care about their customers -and they are very accommodating if I have a special request. Best cleaning company in town and that is saying a lot because I am very selective in who I have clean my house. Thank you Maid to Please!
Michelle B.

Maid to Please has been cleaning my home for the last 15 years. They do an incredible job every time they come to clean. Whenever I have something specific I would like done, I just tell the girls when they arrive and it's handled. I look so forward to arriving home to a clean house on the days they clean. I'd recommend them to anyone that wants their house cleaned. They do a fantastic job.
Larry S.

By far the most thorough cleaning service I've had. Extremely reliable and pleasant employees! I love their email reminders that they will be coming! Clean house makes a family happy!!! Thank you Maid To Please! Extremely Pleased!!
Katie W.

Maid to Please is a great home cleaning service. The employees are respectful, reliable, and do a professional job. No hassles when I had to change a cleaning date or have a special request. Love the email reminders. You won't be disappointed!
Shelly W.

Maid To Please provides excellent service - the staff is friendly and they do quality work. We have been pleased from the start with Maid To Please. It has been great to get such good, affordable cleaning service. Thanks Maid To Please!
Dawn R.

First time using this company. Excellent cleaning job. Highly recommend.
Iris D.

Thanks for extra vacuuming! You Rock! Perfect as always!
Dara D.

Brittany and Michelle did a great job and they also are very nice!
Theresa H.

M&J went right to work and did an excellent job! Thanks Ladies!!
Judy G.

Everything Perfect!
Carol G.

Perfect In Every Way!
Deb Y.

Very pleased as usual. Such nice people!
Daisy M.

Great job. I always look forward to coming home when you have been here.
Bobbi C.

Brittany and Jenny are such a delight on top of they clean so well.
Barb A.

Always a good job!
Lorraine B.

Bathrooms and kitchen Marvelous! "I am one happy woman thank you"
Ellajean B.

They are doing too good of a job!
Chloe N.